The three ladies were so friendly but also strong and inspiring for a younger girl to watch!! LOVED IT!!!

Very, very interactive and super enjoyable. I loved the way they taught the lesson. They had real
life scenarios shown to us and we saw and learnt what to do and later on how to do it. The teacher of our group made it very interactive so we can get a better idea of the situation and see what our instincts would be and what it should be.

I like how it simulates the pressure of a real situation. The coaches were very clear about what they were going to do, I felt safe

I really enjoyed the course and I think it will be very useful when travelling, you brought up points I had not previously thought of. Thank you!

loved how it got us up on our feet and adapted to us individually.

They were kind and considerate yet didn’t hold back on using words like rape and sexual assault to make it more serious at times

I really enjoyed the way the class was set out, the scenario was really useful because it gave good examples of how you’d use the planning and research in a real situation

the activities were very engaging, fun, informative and well planned.

I learned that even if you are much smaller and weaker than the attacker, you can still defend yourself and stand a chance of escape.

the day was well planned and enjoyable

I want more

loved the workshop and would be great to have the kids do it

I liked the practicals …it was made to feel real

I enjoyed it, it was great fun, great people, great course

I loved getting into the techniques from the start

It was interactive and was made to be fun and enjoyable.  It also felt empowering

I loved the hands on examples and practice.

I feel more equipped to defend myself. Excellent course!

You ladies are awesome!

I enjoyed learning the different concepts and models but also the practical application.

This course helps me to know that there are options if a situation occurred.

Great course – the right length and intensity for beginners.

Very, very interactive and super enjoyable!

I like how sometimes I was completely taken by surprise, which simulated a situation I might be too scared to act in

I liked how the trainers didn’t hold back and also taught us to think more flexibly

I loved the hands on aspects and no-nonsense approach.

I enjoyed learning how to control my emotions

It was easy to follow and the trainers made sure everyone understood everything.

I loved it and would love to do it again in the future

I found it really helpful because of recent events.

It was a very positive atmosphere

You ladies are strong, friendly and inspirational. Thank you so much!

It was well structured and the three were very nice and helpful. They created a good atmosphere too. Thank you!

It was really great, thank you!

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