Personal Safety & Self Defence beginners’ course

“the day was well planned and enjoyable”

I am very excited about joining the bootcamp and classes in the fall”

“I want more”

“loved the workshop and would be great to have the kids do it”

“I liked the practicals …it was made to feel real”

“I enjoyed it, it was great fun, great people, great course”

School leavers Class

“I loved getting into the techniques from the start”

It was interactive and was made to be fun and enjoyable.  It also felt empowering”

Eat well course

“you only have to make small changes to get some gains…I think that if we had sat down and talked about these things and not tasted them, that would have meant nothing to me.”

“I discovered that vegetarian food and recipes are very tasty… and not as miserable as I thought”

One of the reasons Stephanie joined the course was because her daughter is vegetarian and she didn’t know what to feed her for protein and one of the things she got from taking the course was…

“how many different proteins that you can have in all the different foods…If you eat good food you can eat in abundance”.


“…the recipes were far easier than I thought and that was a really nice surprise because I don’t actually really love cooking, they took very little time and were flavourful”.

Julie took the course for a second time…

“this was a big learning curve for me and I want to incorporate all of this.  Trying things that I would never have tried if I had seen it on a piece of paper…love this class, love, love, love it!”


“I really liked the spring rolls and I loved all of the desserts, really nice that you can have desserts that are a little bit healthy as well…I learned a lot, nutrition wise, how to eat healthier, how to get more protein into your vegetarian meals…”



”I love running and biking on my own but find it hard to push myself with weight training. It’s boring…. Libby makes it fun – I love that she changes her routine every week and that she adapts it to everyones needs. I’ve trained well before a half marathon and with a broken toe. Especially loved her take on the Winter Olympics ;-)”


”Libby is an incredibly skilled and committed PT. She is excellent at guiding, supporting and making us work out.
Libby always makes me believe in myself so I can give the extra push during a workout.The exercises are fun and varied. After following her class, I feel much stronger and the stamina has never been better.
In October, I will participate in my first official run of 7.5 km. I could not have done this without Libby. So thank you Libby for being a great PT. You have so much experience and knowledge.
I always look forward to exercise with the group and you.”


“I enjoy training with Libby because we have some fun while we do it, but we are actually really challenging ourselves, too. Libby knows exactly what level I should train at—better than I do myself. The training does get results and you can see changes in your body. Libby got me to do a 7 km run—5 km was my maximum before that. I like the little extras that Libby does like the mud runs, the health talks, the running group, and the nutrition advice. It’s a holistic approach and not just an exercise class. I love Libby and can’t live without her!”


“If you are like me, you have worked out before—maybe in different countries, in different stages of your life, with different people, and using different training methods. But with Libby, I feel I got it all. She is always encouraging and meets you with a big smile. She cares! I love boxing with her, weight training, her take on cross fit… even the burpees have now become familiar! She pushes me to put on more weights and I can! I am now stronger and fitter than I have been in a long time (and I passed 29 a decade or so ago!) Go for it, because you are worth it!”


“Thanks a million to Libby! I’ve worked with her for the last three years. I’ve never been the athletic type, since I am neither fast nor coordinated, but with Libby I found I can be STRONG. It’s very rewarding to complete the first push-up from your toes in your whole life. It’s more rewarding to win at arm-wrestling your teenage son, lift and carry the big crate of full glass water bottles, or notice that your upper arms no longer wiggle. Libby’s enthusiasm is infectious. Classes are fun and mentally/physically challenging. The group settings are lovely companionship. Join, no matter where you are in your journey. You won’t be sorry.”


“I look forward to my training mornings. Libby is smiling, pleasant, and trying to push me for that extra effort. But she does it as a partner, almost as if we are in this together, and I feel I am coached, supported, by a teammate. This does not mean that I can trick her by doing less. She knows, I’m not sure how, but she knows! I feel good to train… I feel more energetic and stronger. I am definitely happy with my workouts with Libby, and this includes the complimentary and social runs on Fridays!”


“I must admit that, in terms of physical exercise, I lack determination. I do not like to suffer! I’ve wasted money on gym memberships. But I started hearing opinions from other ladies who trained with Libby and saw that they were growing in confidence, strength, and determination. And also having fun! That is when I decided to start with her small-group training. Oh, man! It’s really hard and it pushes me to my limit! I can complete a full session—always challenging, not easy; but what I had never thought possible is that I can run (or jog) at my own pace for 4 km! And then fast walk almost 3 km more! I need to make some changes to lose weight, but I’m sure I’m getting stronger every day with Libby’s training. She is really supportive, funny, entertaining, and attentive. I know that she knows what I need and what I can or I cannot do. But always in an optimistic and supporting way. My experience with her is really great!”


“I have always been an active person, so when I got a hip injury, I felt very frustrated not being able to work out. No running, no swimming, no biking. After a long road of physiotherapy, cortisone injections, TCM, and becoming unfit, I met Libby. Her first line was: Let’s focus on what you can do! Let’s find out how to make you fit again without making your injury worse. So, we started boxing for cardio, and working on a stronger core and weight-lifting for stronger arms. It feels great to feel your heart beat loudly and being out of breath after not working out for so long. Now, after having worked with Libby for months, we are slowly moving to the legs! I can recommend working with Libby. Besides being fun to work with and very knowledgeable, she will adapt her program to your body. Oh, and she always pushes you a tiny bit over what you thought you could do.”


“I started training with Libby four years ago. I often complained about how tough it was for the first year. Now I send her suggestions. I am fitter and stronger than anytime I can remember.”


“I have been working with Libby for one year. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Through consistent positive feedback and encouragement, Libby strives to make each of her clients confident, regardless of their fitness level. She is passionate about fitness. Her energy and enthusiasm work to create a friendly, relaxed environment. She is organized and makes each session a unique and challenging experience. She is careful to tailor each exercise for each individual, and, if necessary, she suggests modifications that will prevent injury. She places a high value on correct form with each exercise. Libby is able to motivate us to push past our perceived limits to get results. My energy level, balance, strength, and flexibility continue to improve with each session.”


“Libby has a great and challenging training scheme that fits every individual. I have benefited a lot from the training, and being together with a group of people who want to improve their well-being. All thanks to the spirit and motivating personality of Libby. She makes you realize that you are capable of more than you thought possible!”


“Libby gives me the discipline to train, and I really look forward to every session. She is positive, motivational, and encouraging to all, no matter what fitness level you are or what goal you want to achieve.”


“I was physically active and fit up until the birth of my four children—and up until the more sedentary lifestyle that seemed to go hand-in-hand with raising those children. When my youngest finally went to preschool, and I had time for the first time in a long time, I signed up with Libby. I now take two of Libby’s classes and run with her on Fridays. Not only has my body changed for the better, but also I’ve started running in middle-distance races. I’ve recently run a 6K, a 7.5K, a 10K, a 13K. I’ve never felt better. I am over 40, and I have never felt better! I owe it all to Libby. She is passionate and enthusiastic and encouraging, and she is always in my corner.”


“Every time I work out with Libby, I feel like I’ve achieved a personal victory. I never feel like I have to be compared to anyone else. Libby knows how much and when to push me to go further than I did before, so that I see what I am capable of. That is why I love working with her.”


“I have really enjoyed having Libby as a trainer. She is very encouraging and positive and has created a like-minded group of ladies to work out with. When I started I hadn’t worked out seriously since college. I’d dabble in things here and there and walked quite a bit, but that was it. I felt out of shape and was often tired, even when I woke up. I was on the verge of quitting skiing with the family as it was becoming more exhausting than fun. It’s been a year now and I feel so much better. Thanks to many squats, runs, etc., I can now ski again and enjoy it. My energy level and stamina are greatly improved and I’ve come to the realization that fitness can be fun. Especially when done with a nice group like Libby has created. Kudos Libby!”