As a responsible employer you have a duty of care to your staff to keep them safe at work. You may offer wellbeing programmes to support individual flourishing and/or from a business perspective you may see the link between individual wellbeing and corporate success.  You may wish to be a pro-active ally in protecting and upholding safety as a human right.  

Violence and harassment in the world of work is a human rights violation. It is a threat to the dignity, security, health, and wellbeing of everyone involved. Abuses of human rights have an impact on employees and employers, their families, communities, economies, and society as a whole. It also harms the reputation of your company.  Respecting human rights in your company will have a positive effect on its reputation and also increase productivity. For this reason, it also makes economic sense to take human rights into account. (click for source)

Whatever your business context, through Personal Safety & Self Defence and Positive Psychology interventions, Soar With Us,  provides pathways to safety aiming to educate, equip and empower, building resilience, enhancing performance and increasing wellbeing.

We offer the following programmes either face to face, hybrid, or online:

Personal Safety & Self Defence Workshop

Safety is a human right, however the harsh reality is that 1 in 5 people are victims of a violent crime.  Would you know what to do if you were threatened?  Our workshops are scaleable to suit your needs and are designed to raise awareness, educate and equip everyone to prevent and respond to violence creating safer environments that foster empowerment and greater wellbeing.  We focus on prevention and personal safety as well as reality based self defence skills and techniques.  This is not a martial art class, our techniques are simple, practical and effective, they are also a lot of fun!  We encourage you to sign up,  as  not only do we role model personal and collective safety but in doing so we transfer some extremely practical skills that save lives.

Positively Powerful (Physical, emotional and psychological safety)

We formed our business with a heart to empower others in their personal and professional lives.  Our team development workshops are brilliant!  They are dynamic and experiential as we develop individuals and teams to rethink the way they approach and manage perceived and actual threats and experiences.  We bring power differentials to life.  Participants use their voice, confidently, to speak up and to speak out.  We create opportunities to see situations with different eyes and learn from the experiences of others.  Not only do we role model personal and collective safety but in doing so we transfer some extremely practical skills that save lives.

Travel and Personal Safety

Do you enjoy travelling and exploring new places?  Many of us are lucky enough to travel frequently, sometimes with work, sometimes with our family or friends and sometimes alone.  During this course, we introduce and discuss precautions everyone can take to lessen threats to our personal security and offer useful tips to increase your personal safety. The course includes both theoretical and practical elements which are applicable to all travellers.   

 The content includes:

  • Before You Go – Planning & Preparation
  • Personal Safety in Busy Areas – airports, train stations, tourist attractions 
  • Out and About – Tips and techniques (Theory & Practical)
  • Basic Self Defense:
    • personal space awareness
    • types and methods of attacks
    • self defense techniques 
  • What to do after an incident

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